Cancel a mail sent

Cancel a mail sent

The feeling that occurs when we happen to send an email that absolutely should not have been sent… Panic anxiety !? It does not have to be quite as serious, but it can be good to know that there is a function that makes it possible to recall an email that was sent away by mistake.

Here are some possible situations where you would like to have the opportunity to undo an email:

You clicked “Reply All” instead of just sending to the sender
Your email was not completed…
… or full of spelling mistakes
You sent to the wrong recipient
You received additional information the moment you sent the email
The email was sent during a sudden and overwhelming emotional outburst

Missed emails do not have to be a disaster. There is a feature in Gmail that gives you up to 30 seconds to undo a mailing.

Go to Gmail Settings> Generally> Undo send and activate the function. Enter the number of seconds of undo you want. Do not forget to save the settings at the bottom of the page. An easy way to avoid difficult situations!