Cancel a mail sent

Cancel a mail sent The feeling that occurs when we happen to send an email that absolutely should not have been sent… Panic anxiety !? It does not have to be quite as serious, but it can be good to know that there is a function that makes it possible to recall an email that […]

Use Google Drive to send large files

Use Google Drive to send large files Gmail lets you send files up to 25 Mb. This is sufficient in most cases, but sometimes you need to send really large, heavy files. It can be documents with text and image to be proofread, movie clips or a zip file with all the images from a […]

Send and archive emails

Send and archive emails Do you also think that the inbox easily gets cluttered by all the emails that flow in? Gmail offers a very efficient way to clean up the mess. By having Gmail automatically archive all answered emails, you will not have to keep them on your inbox’s home page. If you need […]

Enable desktop notifications

Enable desktop notifications Do not miss any messages! A hot tip is to enable desktop notifications. It’s an easy way to make sure you do not miss an important message. When the feature is enabled in Gmail, a pop-up notification will appear on your computer desktop when you receive new chat or email messages. You […]

Order and order in the inbox

Order and order in the inbox Do you have a cluttered and messy inbox that needs to be cleaned up? Gmail does not have folders, but instead uses labels to keep track of all emails. Labels fulfill the same function but can feel unusual among those who have always used folders. It’s an easy way […]

Message preview

Message preview Do you want to quickly find out the content of a message? In most email solutions, you can get a preview of emails. Clicking on a message in the list shows the contents of another part of the window. Of course, this feature is also available in Gmail. Activate by going to Gmail […]

Easily find among all your emails

Easily find among all your emails Gmail has a recognized cruel search feature which is of course based on Google’s search engine. The easiest way to search is to enter your keyword in the Search in e-mail field, at the top of the page in eg Inbox, Sent or Trash. Gmail searches insanely fast for […]

Work offline with your documents

Work offline with your documents Do you have no internet connection? No problems! One of the benefits of Drive and the Google Docs product family is that you can work anywhere, anytime, with any device you want, computer, tablet or smartphone. Even if for some reason you do not have an internet connection. For Google’s […]