Did you know that the purchase price of Chromebooks is 60% lower than PCs?

If your school has tight budget constraints, Chromebooks’ financial benefits are very clear. You get more than twice as many Chromebooks for the same price compared to buying other types of devices. The extremely budget-friendly price means that any student can use a really good computer in class. In addition, a Chromebook needs 58% less handling time compared to a 3-year period.

How do Chromebooks affect your school’s finances and teaching? And how does the transfer from Windows to Chomebooks work?

Don’t miss the Online Partnerwebinar on 26 October 14.00

On 26 October, Online Partner will hold a webinar with experts from Google. We go through everything you need to know about ChromeOS and Chromebooks, how to use them best and why they are #1 in Sweden’s schools. You will also have the opportunity to learn about Nacka Gymnasium’s experience of changing the IT environment for 2200 students and how they managed to improve the total cost of ownership, TCO, by 75% over a 3-year period!

A warm welcome!

Förbättrad ekonomi med Google for Education