School day MALMÖ 2023 – 16/5
Future, news and knowledge

Online Partner invites you to an exclusive morning at Google where we share our plans for the future, the latest news from Google and from us at Online Partner.

Welcome to Skoldagen Malmö 2023! Both Google and our own experts share their best tips and experiences on how to get the most out of Google for Education. Sara Bruun shows how to achieve better focus in the classroom and create an accessible learning environment using our own Trelson Assessment app. We also offer knowledge sharing and best practices on Google domain security and GDPR compliance. We conclude with a refreshing lunch at the mingle.

Welcome to an information-intensive morning!

Agenda School Day Malmö
Tuesday 16 May 09.00 – 12.30

09.00 Coffee & sandwich
09.15 Welcome and presentation of the team
09:25 Isabel Miranda Gonzales from Google talks about Google’s vision of the future, Workspace for Education, ChromeOS and news from Google.
10.10 Leg stretching
10.20 Knowledge sharing with Online Partners Google specialists. Fredrik Linnander, CEO, and Marcus Tagel, Google specialist, explain how to work safely in Google. How do you conduct a security screening? What is “audit and client side encryption”? How do you comply with the GDRP and work in Google? We also dispel the myth that Microsoft is safer to use than Google!
11.15 Leg stretching
11.25 Create an accessible learning environment using the Trelson Assessment. Sara Bruun tells and shows.
11.45 Amanda Cederberg and Annika Wibergh from the Development Department in the City of Malmö tell us how they organize the mapping of needs, review and implementation of centrally procured digital services and learning resources. This is what principals need to support and what principals need to organize and plan to enable implementation.
12.15 Closure and lunch

Time: Tuesday 16/5 09.00 – 12.30 followed by lunch

Location: Malmö Live

Registration at the latest: Thursday 11/5 at 12.00 pm

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