Seminar – Google’s new AI-based platform for customer centers and customer experience

Meet Online Partner and our invited international experts from Google and Ujet, and learn about the latest in AI-based solutions for streamlining and improving customer management in your contact centre.

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Google CCAIP is an AI-based contact centre and customer service platform that adapts communications to customer needs and behaviour. Automated processes free up resources so your agents can concentrate on solving complex customer cases and creating new business opportunities.

Welcome to a morning at Online Partner where we explain and demonstrate everything you need to know about Google’s AI-based service Google ContactCenter AI Platform (CCAIP). Experts from Online Partner, Google and Ujet will guide you through the benefits, features and technology of the solution. We also talk about the latest in Customer Experience (UX) and show concrete examples of implemented applications.

Online Partner is the first and only partner in Sweden to be a certified provider of Google CCAIP.

If your company has a customer service department, you don’t want to miss this opportunity to learn more about the AI-based contact center of the future!

The seminar will be held in English.

Google CCAIP

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