Security in Google’s cloud services

TechTalk with Online Partner! Today’s theme is Google’s infrastructure, advanced security solutions and how it helps create an IT environment that can withstand digital security threats.

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How do you address security threats in cloud computing and hybrid environments?

The ever-changing digital threats are increasing and becoming more sophisticated. Many companies find themselves vulnerable to hacking, phishing, ransomware, email fraud, Ddos attacks, spyware, identity theft, domain theft and viruses. In the worst case, attacks can affect a company’s ability to develop and achieve its business goals. Knowledge, clear procedures and processes protect digital assets, but just as important is that the company’s IT environment is well equipped to respond to digital threats.

Safety as top priority

Built from the ground up with security as a top priority, Google provides multiple layers of security to protect your company’s digital assets. In fact, there is not a single case of ransomware attack against Chrome OS. Google Workspace’s advanced features and the latest cryptographic standards mean that information stored in the domain or transported between different points is always protected. Client-side encryption (CSE) gives you direct control over your encryption keys to further strengthen your security.

What can you do to protect data and business-critical information?

Our Google and Online Partner experts take a deep dive into Google’s advanced security features and how they contribute to increased security, productivity and cost efficiency. You will get practical tips on how to secure your Google Workspace environment, including client-side encryption (CSE) as an extra layer of security to protect data and email.

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