Tech Talk
Security in Google’s cloud services

This year’s first Tech Talk is about security and focuses on two different issues: How do you create a secure email environment that protects against fraud and viruses? and How does Chrome OS protect your company’s digital resources?

Welcome March 8, 11:00 – 12:00

Digital threats are becoming more common

Digital intrusions and attacks can cause great devastation and in the worst case lead to very negative consequences for the company, customers and suppliers. When every computer and mobile phone can be used as an entrance to the company’s digital resources, many companies feel that they are vulnerable and there is a concern about being exposed to e-mail fraud, phishing and malware. E-mails sent from one’s own domain must reach the right recipient without having been manipulated along the way and one’s own domain must not be cut to be used as a platform for spreading eg spam and viruses.

Meet our experts!

Google is fundamentally developed with security as its top priority and provides several layers of security. Together with our experts from Online Partner and HP, you take a deep dive into Google’s security solutions. Learn all about how Chrome OS actively protects your enterprise’s digital resources and how to create a secure environment for email and other communications. We review what you can do at the DNS level and in the Google Workspace admin panel to completely eliminate the risk of identity forgery of all your domains in the business. Louise Wistrand from HP shows the latest additions to the Chrome portfolio, how they work with security in multiple layers, AI-driven threat detection and a self-healing and read-only operating system. Take the opportunity to ask your questions directly to our experts!

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Fredrik Linnander
CEO, Online Partner

Fredrik Hedström
Development Manager, Online Partner

Henrik Tinnberg
Google Workspace Specialist, Online Partner

Louise Wistrand
Chrome Enterprise Specialist, HP