Welcome to a full webinar on safety and security in the school’s Google domain!

Tech Talk for Education is Online Partners’ knowledge channel where you can meet our own experts, ask questions and gain more knowledge about how Google’s tools can be used to support learning and administrative processes in an effective and safe way at your school. Our first Tech Talk for Education was greatly appreciated, and we have received many inquiries about when it’s time for the next one.

June 4th we drive again! Daniel and Fredrik share their knowledge and experiences about today’s hot topic – Security, personal information, sensitive information and security.

Are you an IT administrator, ICT strategist, or principal – Tech Talk for Education # 2 is perfect for all of you who already want to prepare for the autumn of 2021!

Digital security in school – what does it mean in practice?

What can you do to live up to all the requirements for how personal information and sensitive information are handled in the school environment? Our experts review how to customize your domain, Google Workspace for Education, and Chromebooks. What settings can you make and what guidelines can you create to maximize security and adapt it to the requirements schools need to live up to?

Our experts discuss and give specific tips. In addition, we receive visits from two representatives from one of Sweden’s municipalities who have worked purposefully and successfully with security issues.

Safe Search – what is it?

How can the school contribute to a safer internet environment? SafeSearch is a built-in feature that filters out explicit content from Google’s search results. We tell you more and show you how to customize and activate the feature.

Date: June 4th
Time: 14:00
Where: Google Meet

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The webinar is packed with valuable information for you who manage the school’s domain. Do not miss this opportunity to meet our experts who share their knowledge and experience. Take the opportunity to ask questions directly to them via chat!

The webinar is 4. June at 14 on Google Meet. Once you have registered, we will send a link to the webinar.


Daniel Johansson
School Leader, Google Certified Innovator and Trainer, Online Partner

Fredrik Hedström
Development Manager, Online Partner

Henning Knudsen
Sales Norway, Online Partner

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