The most popular school computer in Sweden!

A warm welcome to a webinar about Chromebooks – Sweden’s most popular device in a school environment!

Webinar October 19, 3:00 p.m.

How come Chromebooks are so popular?

They are developed for use in schools and have long been in first place when schools in Sweden buy new computers for teaching. Over 43% of all new devices purchased are Chromebooks. And the number is increasing every year. In fact, Sweden is among the best in the world at using Chromebooks.

We do a thorough review of Chromebooks which together with the operating system Chrome OS contributes to much of what Swedish schools demand today, including: user-friendly computer environment for both students and teachers, high security, compliance with GDPR and to always have the personal integrity as the highest priority. Also with a very budget-friendly calculation!

Do not miss an interesting and educational webinar where you will get a full insight into the benefits of Chromebooks! Here are parts of the content:

– We show what the calculation looks like, total cost of operation, TCO, and give sharp examples from schools that have switched to Chromebooks.

– All Google products, including Chromebooks, are safe “by-default”. We explain how GDPR, security and privacy are handled.

– How do Chromebooks work in the classroom? They are durable and robust with a long battery life. Starts in a few seconds, is easy to use and updates automatically without disturbing the user. We discuss that and much more in the webinar.

– Are you an IT administrator? We show you how the cloud-based Admin Console works, settings and features that allow you to manage all of your school’s Chrome devices very easily and efficiently.

– Are you an ICT strategist or teacher? We review the tools for learning, collaboration, and communication that you can add to your teaching when your school uses Chromebooks.

– Do Chromebooks work with Office 365? Yes! It’s going really well and we’ll show you how.

Meet the experts!

Is there anything you want to know about Chromebooks? Ask your questions directly to Sweden’s leading Google experts who will give you answers to all your questions and concerns. We are also visited by a digital development strategist from Simrishamn municipality who shares his experiences of Chromebooks.


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A warm welcome to an educational webinar with the top Google experts.
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Where: Live on Youtube
When: October 19, 3 p.m.