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Everything you need to know about Chromebooks at school

On May 31, Online Partner will hold a webinar with Google. We go through everything you need to know about Chromebooks, how they are best used and why they are no. 1 globally.

Better support in teaching

What schools can value most is how they contribute to teaching. Chromebooks increase the availability of students and teachers who always have access to their work from any device, no matter where they are. They start in a few seconds, are easy to use and update automatically without disturbing the user. Chromebooks are fast, secure, durable and available in different designs and price ranges to suit different budgets. For demanding work environments, such as schools, the Chromebook can withstand shocks, bumps and even spilled soda over the keyboard.

Economic benefits

The financial benefits are very clear. The cost of a Chromebook is 60% lower than other devices. So you get more than twice as many Chromebooks for the same price compared to if you buy other types of devices. In addition, a Chromebook needs 58% less handling time compared to a 3 year period. With Chrome Upgrade, the cloud-based administration console, the school administrator has full control over each device and can create rules and policies, as well as enable and disable apps on all devices on the network.

Ease of use, quality and price means that the school can give all students the same prerequisites for using a really good computer in teaching.

Listen to experts from Google and Online Partners

Do not miss this opportunity to learn more about Chromebooks. We have invited two of the leading experts on Google who, together with Online Partners’ own experts, share their knowledge. We are also visited by Henrik Tuneberg, who is responsible for IT and digitization at Kunskapsförbundet Väst with 3,000 students in upper secondary school and 3,000 in adult education.

Ask questions directly to our experts!

Have questions and thoughts about Chromebooks? Can they be used in a mixed environment with windows, what apps are there to support the teaching, how does it work with updates, how do you handle hundreds, maybe thousands of computers in an easy way? Whatever you are wondering – ask your questions directly to our experts!

Date: 26. mai
Time: 14:00
Var: Youtube – sign up for the link

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Henning Knudsen
Sales responsible Norway
Online Partner AB

Daniel Johansson
Principal, Certified Specialist at Google for Education
Online Partner AB

Kim Nielsen
Online Partner AS

Ivar Berg
Head of Education Norway,