The workplace of the future is here – Google Workspace

Join our experts from Google and Online Partners who will learn all about how Google Workspace contributes to increased productivity, better collaboration, system security and cost-effectiveness. We also have a guest from Nordward with us who tells us about the company’s journey away from Microsoft 365 to Google Workspace.

When: March 25, 2021
Time: 10: 00–10: 45
Where: Live via link


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  • The workplace of the future - why Google chose to launch Google Workspace


    Simon presents the vision of the new Google Workspace and how GWS helps more than 6 million companies to success in an increasingly digital world with distributed systems


    The workplace of the future - why Google chose to launch Google Workspace

  • Christian Ahlin talks about the company’s journey from an inefficient and resource-intensive IT environment



    Christian Ahlin from Nordward shares his experiences from the introduction of Google Workspace in Nordwards, an organization with 290 employees spread across five locations in Scandinavia.

  • How businesses can protect themselves against data breaches and information loss


    Fredrik Linnander, CEO, Online Partner AB explains how Google’s security solutions deliver optimal system security. He also gives examples of Google’s compatibility with windows and how business-critical windows applications can be used in a Google environment.


    How businesses can protect themselves against data breaches and information loss

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  • Questions & Answers


    Ask our experts who provide answers to everything you want to know about Google Workspace.


    Questions & Answers

Welcome to the webinar with Google, Online Partner and Nordward

Sign up for our webinar where our experts from Google and Online Partner will tell you more about how Google Workspace can help change the way your organization works and how your employees can best benefit from the communication and collaboration tools in Google Workspace.

The expert panel also includes Christian Ahlin, IT manager at Nordward. Christian talks about the company’s journey from Microsoft 365 and the costly and complex windows-based infrastructure. Instead, Google Workspace and Chrome OS were introduced into the organization to achieve better cost-effectiveness, productivity, collaboration, and system security. The transition was carried out in principle overnight and the employees were able to quickly continue their work with new intuitive and user-friendly tools. In addition, a very smart solution was implemented that makes it possible to use the company’s windows-based ERP system on Chromebooks.


Simon Holmlund
Nordics Google Workspace Specialist, Google Cloud
Simon helps companies across the Nordic region to prepare for the workplace of the future that allows teams and employees to work together under greater freedom, with increased productivity and a better ability to attract new talent.

Christian Ahlin
Group Head IT, Nordward
Christian has extensive experience from leading positions in IT, always with a strong focus on cost efficiency, security and reduced complexity to create long-term value in the organization.

Fredrik Linnander
CEO and founder, Online Partner
More than 20 years of experience in IT as a consultant and entrepreneur and today one of Sweden’s foremost experts in Google’s cloud-based solutions. Senior consultant in several of Online Partner AB’s assignments in small and large companies as well as the country’s schools and municipalities.

Patrik Zackrisson
Sales and Marketing Manager, Online Partner
Patrik has more than 20 years of experience from business development with a special focus on digitization and streamlining of business-critical processes.