Cameyo makes Windows applications web-based

A platform-independent IT environment creates the conditions for transformation and modernization. No matter which platform you choose to use, you want to be sure that your business-critical software and applications are always available and can deliver 100%. No matter where your colleagues do their work – at work, at home or anywhere in the world. Cameyo virtualizes windows-based software and lifts it up in the cloud, thus ensuring access to it via a standard browser without the need for a VPN or remote desktop.

Highest security. Always available

Cameyo provides fast, easy and secure access via the web to all business-critical windows applications and software such as ERP, HR and CRM systems. Because Cameyo is completely web-based, no VPN solutions are needed, which is often a risk environment, infected with viruses and malicious code – and also often with a poor user experience. It is a very cost-effective solution that maintains productivity in a platform-independent IT environment, while minimizing security issues and poor user experiences.

Fast, scalable service in the cloud

Cameyo runs business-critical software in Google Cloud. The configuration is simple and commissioning only takes a few minutes. With global scalability based on the number of users, the solution can be adapted at the same rate as the business changes. With Cameyo, you can mix the operation of windows applications in local infrastructure or cloud-based infrastructure. It also makes it possible to dismantle old infrastructure and modernize existing ones.


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