CloudM – automated onboarding, offboarding and license management

The more work your digital tools can perform for you, the more time you can free up for your most important tasks. CloudM is a cloud-based platform with a complete toolbox for automating time-consuming steps in connection with employees starting or ending their employment. Automated processes for onboarding, offboarding and license management for cloud-based services means that you save money and free up time for the IT & HR departments.

Automated onboarding

Both employers and employees want new staff to get started quickly, become part of the team and be able to contribute to the work. A company’s onboarding process is an important part of achieving that. Employees should feel safe, competent and productive from day one at the new workplace. That is why it pays to have the onboarding process right from the start. CloudM’s automated offboarding process quickly and seamlessly integrates new employees with the rest of the company. CloudM takes care of everything, from emails, signatures, calendars that are set automatically, to giving access to all the resources a new employee needs to get started quickly. Corporate policy and cultural education, team introductions and job benefits – everything is laid out and available from the beginning, which makes the employees’ first working day as simple and efficient as possible.

Automated offboarding

Offboarding is the process that ends an employee’s employment. CloudM’s automated offboarding gives employers full control over the entire process – from revoking all passwords and permissions, to clearing personal information in a legally correct manner. Emails are migrated, user accounts are deleted, passwords are automatically changed along with the ownership of documents, websites, calendars and groups. Archiving tools take care of emails, chats, calendars, documents and store the information securely for as long as you want, all at a fraction of the cost of a traditional backup solution.

Automated license management

Cloud-based software platforms (SaaS) are becoming more common. Flexible solutions that are always available, updated and easy to scale up as the business grows. The pricing model is user-based where you pay a license fee for each user. However, you do not want to pay for licenses that are no longer used. If licenses are not handled properly, costs can quickly rise out of control. By integrating your cloud-based services into CloudM, you gain full control of the licenses and can automatically revoke access to them when an employee terminates their employment. CloudM’s license management is part of the offboarding process and ensures that licensing costs are always kept to a minimum.

CloudM – simplified administration with automation

  • Standardized life cycle management of employees
  • Make new employees productive from the first day of work
  • Secures and archives data when employment ends
  • Streamlines the management of employees who change positions
  • Keeps track of license costs
  • Reduces the load on the IT and HR departments


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