ChromeOS Flex

Convert old computers to Chromebooks

ChromeOS Flex is a specially developed version of Google’s ChromeOS operating system that replaces the existing operating system in Mac and PC computers and converts them into a Chromebook. It is a cost-effective way to modernize computers that have become slow, expensive to maintain, and may be sitting idle even though they have a lot of capacity left.

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Don’t throw away slow computers

ChromeOS Flex is a very cost-effective solution that extends the life of older computers that no longer have the capacity to run new software and operating systems. Computers’ memory and processors are still intact but cannot cope with the increased complexity of Windows and MacOS. In contrast, ChromeOS Flex is a lightweight operating system designed to work quickly and efficiently without the need for powerful processors, hard disk and RAM. By harnessing the existing performance and combining it with a new, modern operating system, the computer can be converted into a powerful Chromebook with full access to all the tools in Google Workspace. Everything you need to work effectively together or independently – smarter, faster, safer – in real time with the flexible and interactive tools of Google Workspace. Email, word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, calendars, meetings, video calls and storage. Everything in one place. Connected or offline – work anywhere, anytime and on any device.

Fast, stable, secure and easy to administer

Computers maintain their speed over time thanks to Google Workspace’s cloud-based tools that require minimal computer performance. ChromeOS Flex is developed on the same stable and secure platform as ChromeOS and Chromebooks. Like Chromebooks, ChromeOS Flex computers have multiple layers of security that protect against viruses and malware, among other things. The cloud-based management tool makes converted computers as easy to manage as Chromebooks, such as assigning different types of policies, enabling/disabling apps, and disabling computers that have disappeared.

Impressive performance – ChromeOS Flex breathes new life into old PC/Mac computers

ChromeOS Flex gives your employees access to computers that stay fast, have built-in security, and reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO).

  • Reduced need for investment in new computers
  • A cost-effective way to get access to Google Workspace
  • Manage all Chromebooks via cloud-based management tool
  • Automatic updates: All software and security feature updates are carried out automatically in the background at no cost.
  • Sandboxes: Chromebooks run each web page and application in a limited environment called a “sandbox”. If a user browses an infected web page, the rest of the machine will not be affected.
  • Anti-theft: Stolen or lost computers can be blocked.
  • Eco-friendly: Minimize your electronic waste

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