Google ContactCenter AI Platform CCAIP

AI-powered contact centre that takes your customer service to new levels

When customers and other stakeholders contact your company, they expect a professional and consistent approach, regardless of which part of the business they are in contact with and which channel they have chosen to communicate in. Google CCAIP is an AI-based contact centre and customer service platform that adapts communications to customer needs and behaviour. Automated processes free up resources so your agents can concentrate on solving complex customer cases and creating new business opportunities.

Online Partner is the first and only partner in Sweden to be a certified provider of Google CCAIP.

Seminar – Google’s new AI-based platform for customer centers and customer experience

19 April 09.00 – 13.00
At Online Partner at Mejerivägen 3 in Liljeholmen

Meet Online Partner, and our invited international experts from Google and Ujet, and learn about the latest in AI-based solutions for streamlining and improving customer management in your contact centre.

Better efficiency and maximum customer satisfaction

Google CCAIP includes everything your contact centre needs to create strong customer relationships and new business opportunities. Google CCAIP is developed and integrated in Google Cloud and is powered by Google’s world-leading artificial intelligence (AI) technology to automate customer interactions and help your customer service agents resolve incoming tickets quickly.

Virtual agents in CCAIP solve all your routine issues

With Google CCAIP, you can expand your workforce with virtual agents who handle variations in incoming customer cases and perform a variety of routine and even more complex tasks that would otherwise be performed by salaried employees. Supported by the platform’s built-in AI tools, they establish an intelligent and welcoming conversation with your customers and can sense tone of voice and mood to tailor solutions to their needs. All cases are documented in detail in every interaction with the customer. From first contact to completion, no matter which channel your customers choose to use.

Behavioural data provides deeper insights and creates more satisfied customers

Google CCAIP saves all information from previous interactions and conversations with customers. Agents and supervisors can quickly analyse statistics and data to gain in-depth insights into what actions are appropriate to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction. Phone calls, voice messages and conversations via chat, email, social media such as Facebook Messenger, Twitter and WhatsApp, images, videos and statistics on incoming customer cases – all are available and presented on the agent’s screen to provide essential knowledge so that cases can be resolved quickly and efficiently according to customer wishes and expectations. Google CCAIP also supports existing CRM solutions and customer databases, which means your agents are always up to date and can gain a valuable holistic perspective that helps them provide the right support to customers quickly. With smart AI-driven routing, the customer is connected directly to an agent who can provide the most optimal solution. Customers have a better experience when they interact with you, which creates stronger customer loyalty and opportunities for increased revenue through additional sales. A better understanding of customer needs also provides a strong basis for the development of new products and services.

World-leading AI technology in CCAIP

CCAI Platform is an AI-driven customer service platform delivered as a cloud-based service. Google CCAIP is developed and integrated in Google Cloud, which means the highest security, ease of use and flexible scalability. The Google CCAI Platform ties together Google’s well-known CCAI components to create a unified, efficient and turnkey AI-driven contact centre platform:

CCAIP DialogFlow


Gives your customers access to interactive voice-activated self-service through virtual agents that handle multiple conversations. DIalolFlow uses Google’s AI-based language analysis tool that understands language nuances and can translate the customer’s text or speech. Virtual agents can be trained to handle different scenarios using conversational AI. DialogFlow also handles seamless forwarding to a physical agent that can handle complex customer cases.

CCAIP Insights


Google’s AI-based language analysis tool identifies the drivers that lead customers to contact your business. The reasons can be several, for example, looking for product information or questions about billing and payment. The language channel analysis tools cover all communication channels, such as voice, email and chat. Knowing what drives your customers enables you to proactively improve customer interactions and streamline your customer service.

CCAIP Agent Assist

Agent Assist

Powerfully support your agents in interacting with customers by identifying customer needs. Agent Assist quickly finds answers in a knowledge base and recommends appropriate answer phrases, speeding up the customer case, creating continuity and higher quality. Agent Assist can also transcribe the call in real time and present it on the agent’s screen for reference during the call or for post-call analysis.