ASUS for Google Meet

Equipment for fast, efficient video meetings in the conference room.

Easier and more efficient video conferencing

The Google Meet hardware is specially selected components that together make conference rooms and meeting rooms the perfect place for video meetings via Google Meet. The components work together and make the features of Google Meet easily accessible to all participants, which contributes to efficient and engaging video conferencing.

Three package solutions for high-definition video conferencing

Asus – Google Meet Hardware Kit is a complete solution for high-definition video conferencing that counteracts hassle and instead demonstrates professionalism. With the Asus – Google Meet Hardware Kit you have the same easy-to-use functions for video meetings that you have in Google Meets but which are adapted for a larger context, such as a conference room. The selected components deliver crystal clear sound and image and interact with Google Workspace, which means that you can join meetings with a simple push of a button.

Meetings with built-in security

ASUS – The Google Meet Compute System is automatically updated and always has the latest security add-ons that protect against viruses and malware. The system encrypts the data traffic and provides control functions which, among other things, means that uninvited guests must request entry in order to be able to participate in a meeting.

When virtual meetings are better than meeting in person

ASUS – Google Meet Hardware Kit is an effective solution for organizations of all sizes. It contains everything needed to quickly and easily conduct video meetings with colleagues, customers and suppliers, wherever they are.

Contact us for more information and a demo

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ASUS – Google Meet Hardware Kit tailored to your needs

  • Three different package solutions that contain all the equipment you need
  • Schedule, invite participants, and join the meeting through Google Calendar
  • One click on the touch screen and you are connected to the meeting
  • Share your screen with the participants wherever they are
  • Speakers and microphones deliver crystal clear sound

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