Logitech for Google Meet

Equipment for fast, efficient video meetings in the conference room.

Easier and more efficient video conferencing

The Google Meet hardware is specially selected components that together make conference rooms and meeting rooms the perfect place for video meetings via Google Meet. The components work together and make the features of Google Meet easily accessible to all participants, which contributes to efficient and engaging video conferencing.

Nice installation

With a range of 10 meters, the Plenum-ranked Logitech Strong USB cable lets you place Tap near participants for convenient use, while the Chromebox can be installed in a cabinet, under a table or behind a screen.

Built-in intelligence for all conference rooms

Google Meet hardware can be customized for conference rooms of all sizes. From the small meeting room to the large conference hall. In smaller rooms a camera with a wide field of view is used and for the larger room you supplement with optical zoom and panning. The microphone is made by Google and specially designed for Google Meet. It intelligently reduces echo sound and actively handles background noise to provide a crystal clear 360˚ sound. The microphones can be connected in series to be able to record quality sound throughout the room. If required, the hardware for Google Meet can be supplemented with stand-alone microphones that ensure sound recording throughout the room.

Google Meet with TAP

Transform any space into a Google Meet venue with a quick contact and control in the middle of the room, always in place and ready. Logitech for Google Meet is easy to set up and manage. In just a few minutes, you will be able to contact your team and start a video meeting – whether they are on another floor or in another country. The hardware can diagnose any problems itself and automatically updates to the latest version to guarantee the best video experience. Remote monitoring and management of the devices also makes it easy for administrators to maintain control and quality of video conferencing.

Solutions for all rooms

Deploying Google Meet at work is easy. Just match a small, medium or large configuration to each of your rooms and then add accessories to suit the space.

Hardware for Hangouts Meet

Contact us for more information and a demo

Want to know more about how you can streamline your meetings with Google Meet? Or do you want a demo? Contact us on tel 08-42 00 04 00 or e-mail: info@onlinepartner.se

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