Google Voice – Smarter telephony on all your devices

Keep in touch in a simple and organized way with an easy-to-use telephony solution that suits both large and small organizations. With Google Voice, you get a phone number that works on smartphones, the web and landlines.

Keep in touch, everywhere

Google Voice makes job calls less difficult. Receive and make your calls from your own personal job number on all your devices; computer, tablet and mobile phone. Start communicating more efficiently now.


Google Voice can be easily customized to fit your own daily workflow. Number assignment, connections and billing are handled neatly and easily in the Google Workspace Admin Console.


Google’s powerful AI solution clears junk calls, automatically converts your voicemail messages into text messages, and helps you easily configure your PBX. The built-in integrations with Google Meet and Calendar help you focus on the important instead of fiddling with the phone.


Google Voice is very easy to administer. You can distribute Voice accounts directly – and globally – anywhere, anytime.

Get more done with Voice and Google Workspace

Better for your users

Voice is built for Google Workspace and has a familiar and user-friendly look that fits into your workflow with Google Workspace.

Better for your IT team

Make it easy for your IT team to maintain your telephony and stay up to date on telephony and with everything within Google Voice, an integral part of the Google Workspace family.

Better for your business

Stop wasting time and money managing multiple telephony providers. Start streamlining your business with Google Workspace and Voice.