Google Voice

Smart, cloud-based telephony service for small and large businesses

Google Voice is a cloud-based service and an integral part of Google Workspace. With a single number from Google Voice, you can organise and create rules for all the devices you can use to make and receive calls – landlines at work and at home, your mobile phone, computer and tablet. Any device you can sign in to Google Voice, is your phone. Google Voice also improves basic calling services by adding advanced features with Google’s renowned AI technology and machine learning in the background.

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Communicate more effectively

Google Voice is an attractive and cost-effective way to move away from an infrastructure based on switching and fixed telephony. Google Voice makes everyday conversations more efficient and productive by letting users choose the best device for making and receiving calls, sending text messages, and receiving/sending voice messages. Google Voice has apps for both Android and iPhone and is an integrated part of Google Workspace, which means the service is also available on a regular computer. Sign in with your Google Account and proceed to Google Voice, where you’ll have access to features and settings that you use to tailor your phone services to fit your own daily workflow.

Simple, secure, scalable!

Developed for Google Workspace, Google Voice is built on the same secure and reliable infrastructure as all other Google cloud services. Google Voice is protected by several advanced security layers and is constantly monitored for potential threats such as malware, viruses and other forms of malicious code. Encryption adds another layer of security for added safety and privacy. Updates happen automatically in the background. Managing Google Voice is as easy as any other Google cloud-based service, thanks to the familiar, intuitive control panel found in Google Workspace.

One or several thousand users

When your business expands, at home or internationally, you connect new employees to Google Voice the same way you add new users to Google Workspace. The same applies, of course, when operations need to be adapted to fewer employees. Your Voice number is cloud-based, which means Google Voice is always available, no matter where you are. You and your employees decide which devices you want to use for your phone calls. You don’t have to rely on telephone operators to connect new subscriptions and landlines. Stop wasting time and money dealing with operators and phone providers. Start streamlining your business with Google Voice.

Smarter telephony
with Google Voice

Here are some examples of what Google Voice offers:

  • Use your own personal Voicenumber for your calls on all your devices; mobile phone, computer, headset or landline
  • Make and receive calls from within other Google Workspace apps, such as Gmail, Chat and Meet
  • Use Calendar to re-route your calls when you have meetings, focus time or are on the go
  • Get useful advance information before you answer – who’s calling, what’s on your mind and whether you’re being video called
  • Block unwanted calls by filtering out junk calls before the call is connected to you
  • Incoming voice messages are transcribed into text using AI and machine learning speech synthesis
  • Text messages converted to voice messages with AI and machine learning based speech synthesis
  • Enable interactive receptionists with various voice response solutions and call forwarding features