Trainings for a more fun and efficient working day!

Google Workspace is a large and growing platform with cloud-based productivity tools. Development is happening all the time and new functions are being added at a rapid pace. Your toolbox is always updated to the latest version, which helps to make your work more efficient, easier and more fun.

Online Partner training gives you and your employees knowledge about Google’s various tools and how to use them to maximize collaboration and results in your projects. Beginners or experienced users – we have training for all levels of knowledge.

For those of you who are responsible for managing Google Workspace, we have administrator training where you learn everything you need to know to manage users, devices and data in a safe and easy way. No deep prior knowledge is required in IT administration is simple and intuitive.

With us or is?

We adapt trainings to your needs and can carry them out on site with you, with us or via the internet. All training takes place online in Google Workspace and course participants use their own computers. The course material is posted as a Google document and is thus available to the participants via their Google accounts even after completing the training.

What does it cost?

Online Partner training is an investment in a more efficient workflow where employees are confident and knowledgeable users of Google Workspace. We adapt our educations to your wishes and needs. The price is based on the number of participants and where the training is carried out. We hold our training at a distance via Google Meet, on site at your premises or with us.

Our educations for companies

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