Advanced Administrator Training – Google Workspace

Optimize your domain while learning

With Online Partner’s advanced administrator training, you’ll be able to set up your Google domain in a way that meets legal requirements without compromising on quality or availability. On 8 occasions, we guide you through 8 different areas where we make sure to cover the most important things so that you can handle each user in a safe and smooth way throughout the life of the account.

The 8 meetings are planned in collaboration with you so that you can choose the pace and have time to anchor any changes in your organization before they are launched. Our goal is that after completing the education you feel confident that your domain is set up in the best possible way and that your knowledge is at a level that makes it possible to implement changes based on knowledge and understanding if necessary.

Advanced administrator training is aimed at small and large organizations – schools, municipalities and companies, with little or no experience in using Google Workspace.


The following areas are included in this package:

  • OU and groups
  • DNS management
  • Services and policies
  • App Management – Chromebooks
  • Session lengths and 2-factor authentication
  • Device management
  • Administration and roles
  • On / Off Boarding

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Online Partner – Sweden’s leading Google specialists

Online Partner are Sweden’s leading Google specialists. For over 8 years, we have been a certified partner of Google and have developed a solid – almost unique – expertise in Google’s work tools and cloud solutions. Online Partner works in the Google Cloud and Education business areas, which include Google Workspace, Chrome and Cloud Platform. Online Partners’ employees are continuously trained and certified in collaboration with Google in order to maintain the highest possible level of competence.

Our certifications include:

Google Certified Professional – Cloud Architect
Google Certified Associate – Google Workspace Administrator
Google Certified Educator 1 + 2
Google Certified Trainer
Google Certified Innovator