Continuing education in Google Workspace

Realistic education

The in-depth course is aimed at anyone who already uses the basic tools in Google Workspace in their daily work. The training aims for the user to gain an in-depth understanding of how the basic tools work. We take a closer look at sharing functions in Drive, Calendar management, filters in Gmail etc.

Quality-assured use of Google Workspace

Getting started using the tools in Google Workspace is easy and fast. But there are many opportunities to increase efficiency and quality even more. For example, it is important that documents are shared in the right way, to the right person and via the right channels. What is appropriate in what situation? Shared calendars and access to colleagues’ calendars simplify planning in everyday life. Knowledge of how to filter and automatically sort your email creates clarity and structure. The course participants gain knowledge that really saves time, day after day, week after week.

What does it cost?

Online Partner training is an investment in a more efficient workflow where employees are confident and knowledgeable users of Google Workspace. We adapt our educations to your wishes and needs. The price is based on the number of participants and where the training is carried out. We hold our training at a distance via Google Meet, on site at your premises or with us.

Continuing education deepens the knowledge in:

  • Google Drive (Permissions, lost files, cross-links, etc.)
  • Documents (link in Keep & Calculator, formatting, invisible tables etc.)
  • Presentation (link from Spreadsheet, presentation view, “ask for feedback” etc.)
  • Spreadsheets (basic formulas, tabs, condition control, cell locking, etc.)
  • Google Calendar (sharing, balancing jobs and private calendars, etc.)
  • Gmail (filters, labels, sub-labels, advanced settings, etc.)

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