Management meetings – optimize the use of Google Workspace in your organization

Management meetings are part of Online Partner AB’s working method and are aimed at small and large organizations – schools, municipalities and companies, with little or no experience of using Google Workspace. Management meetings are a regularly recurring activity where we, together with our clients, ensure quality and that we achieve the requirements and goals that have been defined.

The purpose is multiple, among other things to optimize our customers’ use and benefit of Google Workspace, but also to contribute to a proactive approach that identifies risks and challenges well in advance before unwanted situations could otherwise arise. Management meetings also serve as support and a sounding board in businesses where sufficient competence about Google Workspace has not yet been built up. For example, it could be a business where employees are unfamiliar users of Google Workspace or if the organization is not fully staffed.

Management meetings are a long-term, qualitative support that develops the organization and how it uses Google Workspace in its business. At regular meetings, all types of issues can be addressed, for example with a focus on GDPR, law and security or how Google Workspace should be used together with a new digital platform, and other support tools available in the organization.

Follow-up of projects and strategic goals

Through regular Management Meetings every month, we have the opportunity to follow up on ongoing projects, what has been done and what needs to be done in a structured way. Goals are defined and broken down into activities which can then be divided between Online Partner AB and the client. We review scheduled and agreed activities, such as logging into Google Cloud Directory Sync and security logs. If necessary, work meetings are held more often as the results of various activities can be followed up. Once a year, an extended meeting is held with the main focus on the strategic development of the customer’s Google Workspace domain and to define goals for the next 1-2 years. The Customer Manager from Online Partner is responsible for planning and conducting Management Meetings.

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