Google Workspace for Education – Best for both environment and school

Sweden is fantastic! We have sailed up and become among the best in the world at using Google Workspace for Education. Easy-to-use, flexible and secure tools that promote teaching, collaboration and communication.

The teaching becomes smoother and the students are supported in submitting as good a work as possible. Accessibility tools help all students learn, grow and develop. The users’ work, identity and integrity are protected with security functions and controls. Teachers and school administrators save a lot of time thanks to the fact that several processes such as administration, planning, teaching, attendance, grading and distribution of teacher resources can be handled without having to jump between different platforms.

The fact that Google’s cloud services have been carbon neutral since 2007 also contributes to the success. And that it is possible to save a lot of money! Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals is free, which means you can get started quickly and make adjustments along the way if new needs arise! If you use Windows, it is perfectly possible to continue using with Google Workspace for Education. And if you have old computers that sing the last verse, you can save them by converting them to Chromebooks.


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Chromebooks – optimal computers for Sweden’s schools

Did you know that Chromebooks are developed for teaching and are in first place when schools in Sweden buy new computers? Chromebooks are easy to use, launch in seconds and update automatically. They have several security layers that together create a very safe environment for students and teachers, where compliance with the GDPR and personal integrity always have the highest priority. They are fast, quiet, durable and are available in several designs and price ranges to suit different budgets. The cost of a Chromebook over a 3-year period is 60% lower than for other devices and also requires 58% less handling time. Here you can figure out for yourself what your school can save if you start using Chromebooks.

You get help from Sweden’s leading specialists

Online Partners are knowledge-leading experts in helping schools switch to Google Workspace for Education. We are a certified partner of Google since 2010 and several of our employees have previously worked as teachers, school leaders and ICT strategists. We know what needs and challenges the school has today and we have helped a large number of schools and municipalities to make the move from, for example, windows to a new environment with Google Workspace for Education and Chromebooks. If you want to get started quickly, we at Online Partner will help you. We are on hand throughout the journey and coordinate and carry out everything step-by-step – from preparation, migration to training initiatives.