That is why Swedish schools choose
Google for Education

Google for Education is growing and now has a leading position, not only in Sweden but in the whole world. Chromebooks are also in first place when Swedish municipalities and independent schools choose student computers. Workspace for Education is the world’s largest learning environment and is used by over 170 million students and teachers. With the best tools for teaching, pedagogy and communication, they can safely and securely work creatively together or independently. Data and privacy are always protected by Google’s security solutions, which have never been compromised. Schools that choose Chromebooks can also count on more than twice as many student computers for the same budget.


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Online Partner – Best for schools that use Google

Since 2010, we are a certified partner of Google. We help principals, teachers and ICT strategists to develop school administration and pedagogy with the support of Google’s solutions. Several of our employees have many years of experience from the teaching profession, as school leaders and ICT strategists and know exactly what challenges schools and municipalities have today.