Chromebooks – The school’s most cost-effective computer

Lifetime calculations show that the school gets more than twice as many Chromebooks for the same price than when buying other types of computer devices.

Chromebooks are designed for teaching and are the most optimal computers for all schools that use cloud-based services – Google Workspace for Education and Google Classroom or Microsoft 365. The computers start in a few seconds, are easy to use, fast, secure, durable and are available in several designs and price ranges to suit different budgets.

Save 60% with Chromebooks

Over a 3-year period, the cost of a Chromebook is 60% lower than other devices. So you get more than twice as many Chromebooks for the same price compared to if you buy other types of devices. In addition, a Chromebook needs 58% less handling time. The performance improvement also means, among other things.







63% fewer reinstallations 72% less set up time
75% fewer reboots 59% less time for handling
73% faster reboots 54% less time for support
51% fewer unplanned interruptions 65% less time for security


Secure cloud services for everyone

Quick access to files, tasks and apps
Use any Chromebook
Secure storage in the cloud


Better support in teaching

Encourages students to discover and create
Better collaboration between students and teachers
Tools for students’ different needs and conditions


Secure platform for digital tests

Tests, homework exams and national tests
Prevent cheating
Disable internet surfing and external storage access
Create tests with the test app Trelson Assessment


Flexible administration

Manage one or several thousand Chromebooks
Tailor the experience for users
Activate apps and software
Manage passwords, secure browsing and block websites

Calculate how much you save

Use the calculation tool to calculate how much your school will save if you start using Chromebooks. Fill in the form to get to the calculation tool.

Chromebook spreadsheet tool

Extremely secure computers!

Chromebooks share the same view of security and privacy as Google’s cloud-based services. They are extremely safe! The computers are protected with several layers of security against viruses and malware. If one layer is bypassed, the others are still active. Chromebooks spend as much as 10% of their startup time verifying that the device has not been tampered with. At startup, Chromebooks perform a check and repair themselves if the system has been damaged. Some examples of Chromebooks’ built-in security features include:

  • Automatic updates: All updates of software and security features are performed automatically at no cost in the background
  • Sandboxes: Chromebooks run every web page and application in a confined environment called “sandbox”. If a user browses an infected web page, the rest of the machine will not be affected.
  • Encryption: Chromebooks use 128-bit encryption for all users.
  • Theft protection: Stolen or lost computers can be blocked. If login restrictions are applied, the computer can only be used by the school’s students / teachers when they log in with their school accounts.