City of Gothenburg – User-driven innovation

Online Partner contributed specialist knowledge in user-driven innovation, technical project management, design, architecture, back-end / front-end / full-stack system development with the Google Cloud Platform and Google’s ecosystem as a base.

The challenge

Developing and maintaining your own digital solutions is expensive and time-consuming when your own business is not focused on software development. The education administration in the city of Gothenburg therefore saw a need for a partner with the right technical competence to develop digital solutions that could add extra functionality integrated with Google Workspace for Education.


Based on the client’s requirements specifications, Online Partner and the Education Administration developed an agile development process that enabled both parties to contribute expertise in the development of various digital solutions that met the client’s business needs and at the same time created commercially viable products for Online Partner.


Three commercial applications that improve examination, pedagogy and administration in Google Workspace for Education and Google Classroom. Trelson Assessment (formerly ChromEx) – application for national tests and other types of knowledge tests. Bossfight – application that integrates game-learned lessons in Google Classroom. Class Manager – Automated lifecycle management of teaching groups in Google Classroom.

In our organization, we have lots of competent people with good ideas on how to solve our challenges. Having an innovation partner as an Online Partner means that together we can transform good ideas into effective, user-centered solutions in our business. It means a lot to us.

Fredrik Breitholtz, IT Strategist – Digitization and Innovation, Education Administration,
The City of Gothenburg

About the City of Gothenburg – Education Administration

The education administration in the city of Gothenburg is responsible for the municipal upper secondary education, upper secondary special school and municipal adult education. A total of 13 upper secondary schools, 7 upper secondary special schools, Studies, Yrgo, Center for School Development, Guidance Center, Language Center and the Education Office with approximately 2,500 employees and 15,000 students.


  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Google for Education
  • Google Workspace