Energy Home’s smooth handling of Chromebooks

Online Partner delivered Chrome Enterprise Upgrade licenses for easier management of the company’s Chromebooks.

The challenge

Energihem is an expansive company on the rise in several countries. In an already cloud-based IT environment with Google Workspace and all its productivity tools, which had grown extensively and uncontrollably, the company faced major challenges with both time-consuming administration and high hardware and support costs. In addition, there was a plethora of apps and applications without structure and security anchors.


With new unified Chromebook devices, hardware costs were significantly reduced. The Chrome Enterprise Upgrade enabled easy management of all devices with unified security settings, profiles, productivity tools and overall management and policies around external applications across the organisation.

The result

Following the implementation of Chromebooks and Chrome Enterprise Upgrade, the company has a cost-effective, modern and easy-to-manage IT environment with the latest productivity tools from Google.


  • Chrome Enterprise Upgrade licenses

About Energihem

Energy Home helps property owners reduce energy consumption and increase the value of their property with solar energy, doors, garage doors, heat pumps, window and roof replacement. With its own sales staff and fitters carrying out the work, the company offers complete solutions that include both product and installation. Energyhome’s customer service department ensures that customers are kept informed throughout the process.

“We are a fast-growing company and we needed to gain control over the entire IT environment including security, administration and which applications are used and for what. In addition, it needed to be done quickly. With Chrome Enterprise Upgrade and Online Partner, this was very smoothly achieved.”

Anders Bengtsson, IT Architect