Fauske municipality tests Google for Education in year 9

The project is being implemented with the support of Google and also includes training staff in how to manage Chromebooks and how to use them in educational activities.

The challenge

The schools in Fauske municipality have previously used different types of computers and devices in an unstructured, difficult-to-administer and costly environment. Computers and equipment were also older and needed to be renewed, which required large resources. There was a great need for a uniform and cost-effective IT environment that could also meet the business’s quality requirements for administration, support and modern educational tools to improve and simplify the work.

Extends the life of computers

ChromeOS Flex is an operating system designed to breathe new life into old PC/Mac computers by converting them into Chromebooks. ChromeOS Flex is developed on the same stable and secure platform as Chrome OS and Chromebooks. Like Chromebooks, ChromeOS Flex devices have multiple layers of security to protect against viruses and malware.

Budget-friendly renewal

In many schools, change and business development are limited by an older IT environment based on PCs. ChromeOS Flex is a very budget-friendly solution that allows you to quickly give your students a computer with all the benefits of a Chromebook. PC / mac computers that have become slow, expensive to maintain or that have been left in a storage room are given new life. Faster start-up and browsing speed as well as full access to Google Workspace for Education give students and teachers the best conditions for learning, pedagogy, collaboration and communication.

In addition, converted computers will be as easy to manage as Chromebooks. Through Google’s Admin Console, all devices can be managed and assigned different types of policies, updates, and disabling missing computers.


Fauske municipality decided to carry out a test pilot together with Online Partner in one of the municipality’s schools. The project is being implemented in Vestmyraskolan, where ninth graders will be introduced to Google Workspace for Education and new Chromebooks. Online Partnersolution also includes using ChromeOS Flex to convert 65 PCs to Chomebooks.

The result

The project is being implemented with the support of Google and also includes training staff in how to manage Chromebooks and how to use them in educational activities. The IT department and ICT advisors are very positive about the change from a complex and resource-intensive IT environment to a simple, structured and user-friendly environment with Google’s Workspace for Education, Chromebooks and lifetime-extended PCs with ChromeOS Flex. The new environment is characterized by modern, efficient tools with longer life, lower cost and significantly simpler management and administration, which is estimated to save about 80% time / unit. The conversion of 121 PCs is about 50% cheaper than buying new computers. The end result contributes to a better economy with more room for qualitative teaching and pedagogical work.

About Fauske municipality

Fauske municipality is located in the region and province of Salten in Nordland county, Norway. The population is 9,640. The municipality’s area is 1210 km2 and extends from the Swedish border via glaciers and high mountains to the innermost part of Skjerstadfjorden, where the central town of Fauske is located. Historically, mining and agriculture have been the largest industries in the municipality.

“This only gets better and better the more features we discover in Google Workspace.”


  • Google Workspace for Education
  • Chrome Education Upgrade
  • Chromebook
  • ChromeOS Flex

ChromeOS Flex gives new life to older PC/Mac computers

  • Converts older and slow PC / Mac to Chromebooks
  • Developed on the same secure and stable platform as Chrome OS and Chromebooks
  • Quick installation, just a few minutes
  • Easy, efficient conversion and administration via Google Admin console
  • Budget-friendly solution for schools that quickly need more Chromebooks in teaching
  • Extends the life of previous purchases of PC / Mac computers
  • PC / Mac computers that collect dust in storage can be returned to teaching
  • Replacement devices when a computer breaks down or disappears
  • Eco-friendly – do not throw away older computers – convert them to Chromebooks instead