Nacka gymnasium chose Sweden’s leading learning platform

Online Partner provided strategic expertise and advice on Google products, delivered Google licenses and support. Google domain optimization, account synchronization, Microsoft AD, Google Password and Google Cloud Directory.

The challenge

Nacka Gymnasium had been using a SharePoint solution for some time that automatically tried to create sites that resembled digital classrooms. It was not working well, which meant that a new solution was needed to fully support the school’s increased demands for cost efficiency and the continued digital transformation of school operations with modern tools for teaching, pedagogy and administration.


An evaluation of various cloud services was carried out, looking in particular at Office 365 and Google Workspace for Education. Teachers and students from primary and secondary schools in the municipality of Nacka were able to test several functions such as. document sharing, real-time document collaboration, folder sharing, mass emailing, etc. After the workshop, 90% preferred Google’s solution.

The result

Nacka Gymnasium chose Google for Education, which is now the primary tool to help teachers keep all teaching, administration and other practical aspects together. All apps are being used successfully and have helped 2,200 students and 200 teachers to have more space for quality teaching and pedagogical work, while the school has control over the costs of software and licenses.

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About Nacka Gymnasium

Nacka Gymnasium has 2200 students and offers a wide range of programmes and courses. The school has been one of the most popular upper secondary schools in the county for over ten years and when the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions compares municipal upper secondary schools in Sweden, Nacka gymnasium is at the top.