Nacka gymnasium – Strategic choice of new IT environment for better teaching and economy

Online Partner provided strategic expertise and advice on Google products, delivered Google licenses and support. Google domain optimization, account synchronization, Microsoft AD, Google Password and Google Cloud Directory.

The challenge

Nacka gymnasium was looking for a comprehensive and long-term solution that supported the school’s increasing demands for cost efficiency and the continued digital transformation of school operations to modern tools for teaching & pedagogy, system administration, IT security and support.


With the school’s experience of using Google Workspace for Education in a PC and Mac environment, it was natural to make the full move to a new IT environment based on Chromebooks, the Chrome OS operating system and Google Workspace for Education. The majority of the school’s 2200 students started using Chromebooks. A few PCs and Macs are used for CAD applications, heavy multimedia and music production.

The result

The new IT environment met expectations and has contributed to greater availability, flexibility, better security and more efficient administration, as well as lower IT costs, including total cost of ownership (TCO):

  • 75% lower TCO over a 3-year period
  • 72% less time for set-up
  • 54% less time for support
  • 75% fewer restarts
  • 73% faster restarts

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“The stability of Chromebooks and Chrome OS creates a high level of trust among teachers and students. They always work, don’t take time away from students’ learning and help improve collaboration thanks to the tools in Google Workspace for Education. Plus, it’s a very budget-friendly solution. A win-win situation for everyone involved”

Krister Bergström, Deputy Headmaster, Nacka Gymnasium

About Nacka Gymnasium

Nacka Gymnasium has 2200 students and offers a wide range of programmes and courses. The school has been one of the most popular upper secondary schools in the county for over ten years and when the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions compares municipal upper secondary schools in Sweden, Nacka gymnasium is at the top.