Vallentuna Friskola migrates from Office 365 to Google

Online Partner delivered Chromebooks, Workspace for Education licenses, expertise, migration, configuration, consulting across the entire Google product range for schools to support Vallentuna Friskola’s move to Google from Office 365.

The challenge

Vallentuna Friskola has previously used PC/Mac computers and devices in a difficult to manage and costly environment. There was a strong need for a cost-effective IT environment that simplified administrative work and also helped to improve the school’s educational activities.


In order to streamline and improve administration and teaching, Vallentuna Friskola chose to replace the old IT solution and instead let staff and students use Google’s cloud-based solutions together with Chromebooks. By migrating data from the old system, staff were able to access their documents, email and calendar information in Google Workspace for Education.

The result

Vallentuna Friskola has moved from a complex and expensive IT environment to a simple, structured and user-friendly environment based on Google Workspace for Education and Chromebooks. The new environment is characterised by modern computing devices with longer lifetime, lower cost and significantly easier management and administration. Teachers and students have modern tools that help them work together and teach better.


  • Google Workspace for Education
  • Chrome Education Upgrade
  • Chromebooks
  • Migration

About Vallentuna Friskola

Vallentuna Friskola is an independent primary school with approximately 240 students in grades 6-9. The school was established in 2002 and is centrally located in Vallentuna, close to public transport, sports grounds and nature. The aim is to be at the forefront in terms of achievement, teaching quality and safety.

“We are very pleased. All staff and students have their own Chromebook. Google Workspace for Education has brought new educational tools to the classroom. Shared information, such as planning and what to do during lessons in each subject, is more quickly available to the pupils. This was especially evident during the pandemic when students were at home and attended lessons remotely.”

Camilla Stahre
Bitr. Principal and Special Teacher