Google Workspace Audit – reviews and supports your improvement work

Is your Google instance optimized for your business? Are all security settings customized to protect your digital assets and your employees’ personal data in Google Workspace?

Have you built a domain with organizational units and groups that are functional and secure, so that your Google instance provides maximum efficiency? Are all the collaborative applications secure? Is each user’s data easily accessible to those who should access it and difficult to access for those who should not?

In-depth insights and knowledge

Google Workspace Audit provides an in-depth analysis of your Google instance where we review services and settings. Google Workspace is analyzed and the results are presented in a report with clear recommendations and suggestions for improvement measures. If necessary, we carry out specially adapted workshops where you, together with our experts, develop a strategic solution-focused plan for the Google instance.

What does a Workspace Audit contain?

Google Workspace Audit is divided into two parts – Basic and Advanced. A comprehensive audit means that both Basic and Specialization are carried out. In order to be able to carry out an in-depth study, Grund needs to be completed.


Facilitate automation and administration

The Google Workspace Audit Foundation lays a well-thought-out foundation in the form of OUs, groups and administrator roles that in the long run will be able to automate and facilitate administration as well as reduce risks. We also check that all basic functions are in place when it comes to provisioning and device management.

  • Organizational units
  • Groups
  • Administrator roles
  • Deployment Devices
  • Basic domain management
  • Basic account management


Provides a detailed action plan

Google Workspace Audit In-depth study focuses on mapping in detail how all tools and settings in Google Workspace are adapted to your particular business. With the analysis data from both Fundamentals and Advanced Studies, we produce a detailed list of recommendations and suggestions for workshops.

  • Authentication
  • Mail flow
  • Data access
  • On / Offboarding
  • Reporting and Alerts
  • Service and Device Settings