“Watermark” your document in Google Docs

“Watermark” your document in Google Docs Now you can get a watermark in your documents. Read more here: https://workspaceupdates.googleblog.com/2021/09/add-image-watermarks-in-google-docs.html

New employee – Sara Bruun!

New employee – Sara Bruun! We are very happy for our new employee, Sara Bruun, who will be involved in the development work of ChromEx! Sara has a background as a language teacher and development leader in Höör municipality. She appears frequently in the school debate and blogs for skolvärlden.se where she mainly writes debate […]

Online Partner – A great place to work!

Great Place to Work® We are extremely happy and proud to have been certified according to the Great Place to Work © Institute’s global standard for what characterizes a good workplace. Online Partner has received a receipt that the company’s employees experience a very high degree of credibility, respect, justice, pride and camaraderie within the […]