ChromEx – trial app for

Chromebooks, PC & Mac in G Suite

ChromEx is a digital application for knowledge assessment in school (kiosk mode), eg homework interrogation, school assignments, math test, writing style, all tests in the school’s everyday life. Online Partner comes with an update of ChromEx “Agent” (read at the bottom). The update handles the administration of exams for schools and does so with ease. Students use the Google Docs chat to cheat as they communicate with each other during the test, ChromEx Agent prevents and blocks this possibility. Students will also not be able to copy and translate material from dictionaries, they will be blocked from the internet in addition to the aids the school gives them access to. ChromEx makes it possible to use IntoWord and other external programs. ChromEx also eliminates the need for a separate firewall. We guarantee the safety of ChromEx in accordance with Udir regulations for exams.

If you choose Online Partner as supplier of your upcoming chrome management license or purchase of new licenses nowadays, then the full version of the ChromEx / Agent and Urkunde supplement is included Free for your entire Municipality / school without the need to buy today. In Sweden, we are the only company that completely focuses on helping municipalities, schools, companies and organizations to use G Suite instead of expensive and problematic IT solutions, now we will do the same in Norway. Our customers experience that we are always close, we address the customer’s needs and find solutions that suit them, the school’s needs are our focus!