Gmail to Outlook Mail Switch

Full email functionality in Google Classroom and Google Contacts with Gmail to Outlook Mail Switch

In many municipalities, it is a will or policy that all communication should go through an account that only concerns the municipality’s name, @ Often this address is associated with older or newer Outlook clients. This creates a problem as the school often works in G-Suite which instead gets a different domain, for example @ or @ If the mail correspondence is to go via @, you can not use the built-in functionality in Google applications, such as e-mail students and parents in Google Classroom.

Gmail to Outlook Mail Switch Solves the Problem!

Mail Switch is a program that the administrator can easily install for all affected users in the domain. The app forwards users including email addresses to Outlook (web or client) and places all contacts as a secret copy. This allows you to easily use Google Classroom functionality, Google Contacts or other Google mailto features without having to use Gmail. Domain administrators can override users’ choices for increased security.

Mail Switch

To use the Mail Switch feature, you need the following

  • AG Suite domain
  • Outlook for 0365 or Outlook Web Access or an email client

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