Management meetings – part of Online Partners’ working method

Management meetings are part of the Online Partner AS working method we work by in our customer assignments. Management meetings are used continuously in all our customer relationships. Our mission is to create relationships with the school to ensure quality and to achieve the goals that are defined.

Management meetings every month

Regular management meetings once a month give us the opportunity to follow up on what has been done and what needs to be done in the current quarter in a structured way. Goals are defined and divided into activities that can then be divided between Online Partner AB and your business. We go through planned and agreed activities. Together with you helpers, we find the best solutions for your business, new requirements and new challenges meet the school where pedagogy and technology are to meet, we are experts in this. If necessary, extra work meetings are held during the month, and activities can be followed up with voting via eg Hangouts. The customer manager from Online Partner is responsible for the implementation of each management meeting by agreement.

Events and support cases

Events and activities in addition to those planned during management meetings are considered events, and are registered as a support case in the Online Partners support processing system Zendesk. They are prioritized and resolved in accordance with the SLA (Service Level Agreement). At the next management meeting, the events that occur and how they can be avoided in the future are discussed.

Strategic meeting every quarter

Every three months, a strategy meeting is held together with the administration and the person from Online Partner AS who is responsible for the strategic development of the customer’s Google Apps domain. During this meeting, questions are addressed such as market changes (eg GDPR) and how other municipalities reason. Goals for the coming quarters are discussed and set. Once a year, the strategic quarterly meeting is extended and has a special focus on the coming quarters and the main focus on defining and setting goals for the next 1-2 years.

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