Google Licensing for Schools

The piece of the puzzle that makes G Suite Education crucial for the school and that provides maximum benefit for all students, teachers and other users, is to keep track of the licenses and at the same time have knowledge of how to use them. Online Partner works actively to optimize the knowledge and use of your licenses so you know that, you have the right type and the right number.

Google License Manager

It is common for market prices for Google’s own products to be higher than Google’s own price list. Oneline Partner AS sets the prices according to Google’s own price list, with us you never pay too much!

Of course, G Suite for Education user licenses are free, even if they are managed by the Online Partner.

Examples of Google licenses

For the same money you get more

We reward those customers who continuously collect / purchase all of their Google licenses, regardless of type, from Online Partner by offering unlimited access to the services developed by us below.
We do not have, and do not set any volume requirements, but we reserve the right to discontinue the services if we see that the customer no longer buys licenses from us.

We represent you at Google

We are one of Sweden’s largest suppliers of Google licenses. When your licenses are distributed through us, you are part of the Online Partner’s large license volume pool that gives us a strong voice in our regular dialogue with Google and their product managers. We continuously collect large license volumes from our customers during the coming quarters, we can in this way show greater strength for, among other things, program adjustments, errors, agreements or other legal issues for the Swedish market. Our focus is the same on the Norwegian market, to influence according to your needs.

Contact us today!

Want to know more about license management? You can reach us at or tel: +47 90 51 56 40.

We keep you updated

We have continuous monitoring of digital learning and G Suite for Education. We stay updated from f. ex Education Directorate, municipalities and counties. We have good contacts with manufacturers and distributors of Chromebooks, accessories and networking solutions and are constantly updated on news and technical improvements.

Support with personal and targeted commitment

We love G Suite for Education and are passionate about helping you. With us, you get personal contact with our employees who offer the highest possible availability and service. We do not give up until you are satisfied. If necessary, we as the license administrator can remotely enter your domain to help you with settings or create support cases for your organization.

Custom invoicing – we do what you want

Our customers have learned that there are many requests when it comes to invoicing. We are flexible and easy to work with and always try to find the solution that suits you best, f. ex

  • Acquisition / cancellation of existing agreements alt. support for direct procurement
  • Invoices post-payment: annually, quarterly or monthly
  • PDF, invoice scan or paper invoice
  • Share invoices at different cost centers, schools, etc.
  • Multiple recipients of the same invoice (eg Finance department, IT department, etc.)
  • Invoice in different currencies
  • Payment terms 30 days
  • VAT 25%

Do you have other wishes? Our finance department helps you with invoicing and accounting problems.