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Support agreement for all needs

We are experts in G Suite and our support daily helps our customers get the best from G Suite and Google. Through our support and our channels, we always offer a personal contact as well as unique knowledge and experience about how we use G Suite best. Our goal is to help you maximize the use of the features of your G Suite domain, we do not give up until you are satisfied.

Support G Suite

This service is aimed at a limited number of people (2 people / school) at the administrative level in municipalities and schools. This is primarily about IT managers, school leaders, ICT educators and people who have administrative rights for the G Suite domain and Chromebooks.

Our support includes the domain account’s organizational structure and user account settings in OU, groups, classes, classrooms, security INK GDPR in Core Services, Chromebooks and other Chrome devices, mobile devices, apps used for teaching and learning. Comprehensive G Suite support where you can get answers to all your questions. Functions in classroom, calendar, drive, redo files, functions and settings.

For those of you who use Office 365 on your Chromebook, this support is just as important to you as the Office 365 apps are controlled via the Google admin console. Management meetings and this support work together. Problems that are identified at management meetings are later corrected with one of our technicians at the support.

We offer personal support during regular working hours 09.00 – 17.00. All cases are processed via our customer management system Zendesk via phone, chat, Meet or email. If necessary, we also make configurations remotely in, for example, the domain and Chrome devices. Within 2 office hours, we confirm that the support case has been received by us and within eight 8 office hours, troubleshooting will begin. In the agreement, you state who is eligible for support contact. Today, the support is Swedish-speaking but with access to Norwegian help. If the school wishes to add one person in addition to the 2 people included in the agreement, there will be a supplement of NOK 400 per person / month.

Support G Suite, Mon-Fri 9-17

Price 950 Nok / Month / 2 people / School) Name of support staff is stated when signing the agreement, staff on the agreement can be changed.

Article: support G Suite.

Management meetings

Management meetings, G Suite Strategy & Management, are aimed at a limited number of people in an organization that has the overall responsibility and that drives the organization’s development of the IT environment and pedagogical functionality. Management meetings serve as an important advisory support function for schools and municipalities in matters concerning educational ICT solutions, G Suite domain settings, challenges in the organization and tomorrow’s development opportunities. We work preparatory so that you do not end up in the middle of the problems. The agreement provides direct access to our senior Google certified consultants. They are knowledge leaders and have solid experience in optimizing G Suite in municipalities, schools and other organizations.

Price Management meetings package a total of 60-90 min x 8. about 12 hours. Price package: NOK 35,900.
Price: 3200 NOK / Occasion

Chrome product / RMA deal

The RMA agreement is for you who do not want to deal with several different parties to have your device repaired. A machine can break down, stop working, have manufacturing defects, be delivered as a DOA then we will help you with our support. If your computer breaks down due to carelessness or accidents, we can help you assess whether it is justifiable to repair the device vs new purchase. Many people find it time-consuming to be in contact with a service workshop as technical questions via email contact often take a lot of time.
In our RMA agreement, we take care of the communication and set up a service for repairing your product. You send us the necessary information via our RMA form . We help you, ensure that you get the right help and that the service is clarified.

Chromebook / Chrome device support agreement

Price: NOK 50 / computer / unit (100% discount on purchases from Online Partner AB)

Chrome education upgrade licenses

Support is free for Chrome education upgrade licenses purchased directly from Online Partner AB. The licenses are used to configure settings and apply policies for a specific Chrome device. It gives you access to device settings that allow you to control user access, customize features, configure network access and more.

We help with troubleshooting and provide information on how you can correct errors yourself. We provide support and explain how licenses can and should be used to optimize the use of Chrome devices in your domain.

The support case is registered in our customer management system, Zendesk, and we use telephone, chat and e-mail in contact with end users. Within 2 office hours we confirm that the support case has been received by us and within eight 8 office hours troubleshooting will start

  • Support for creating Policy that can only be set for managed Chromebooks and support for changing them.
  • Handling of new and old licenses, review, ordering new ones. Reuse of licenses for Chromebook dividends for repairs etc.

Chrome Management Support Agreement

Licenses Price: NOK 50 / license (100% discount on purchases from Online Partner AS)

Online Partner – YOUR leading Google specialist

Online Partner is the Nordic region’s leading Google specialists. For over 10 years, we have been a certified partner of Google and have developed a solid – to the point of unique – expertise around Google’s work tools and cloud solutions. Online Partner works in the Google Cloud and Education business areas, which include G Suite, Chrome and Cloud Platform. Online Partners’ employees are continuously trained and certified in collaboration with Google to maintain the highest level of competence possible.

Our certifications include:

Google Certified Professional – Cloud Architect
Google Certified Associate – G Suite Administrator
Google Certified Educator 1 + 2
Google Certified Trainer
Google Certified Innovator