1. G Suite becomes Google Workspace

G Suite changes its name to Google Workspace and at the same time makes major improvements which means that everything you need to get your work done quickly and efficiently, is now gathered in one place.

2. You must select the version

The change means that you who use G Suite Business need to make an active choice and choose the version of Google Workspace that you want to use in the future. Below you will see the most important differences in the different versions.

You need to make your choice by March 2021.

3. A smart choice for you

Your current version, G Suite Business, gives you unlimited storage space and the ability to have video conferencing with up to 150 participants.

A smart choice for you with G Suite Business is to choose Workspace Business Plus. You get 5 TB of storage space, video meetings with up to 250 participants including advanced functions such as recording, break-out room, moderator, subtitling, presence control etc. The ability to collaborate and share documents with people outside your own domain. Extended controls for security and administration including Google Archive / Vault and advanced endpoint management.

Any question marks?

Do you have questions and want to know more about which license to choose for your company?
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Glass clear?

Have you already decided which license you want? Make your choice directly below.

Business Standard

  • Video meetings with 150 participants
  • Extended meeting functions; recording, break-out room, moderator etc.
  • 2 TB storage in the cloud
  • Company-specific brand settings

SEK 116 / user / month ex VAT

* Business Standard does not include Google Archive / Vault, advanced endpoint management, or the ability to select data regions.

Business Plus (Most Popular)

  • Video meetings with up to 250 participants
  • Advanced meeting features; transcription, subtitling, presence tracking
  • 5 TB storage in the cloud
  • Google Archive / Vault
  • Extended controls for security and management, including archives and advanced endpoint management
  • Advanced management features for mobile devices

SEK 174 / user / month ex VAT

Workspace Enterprise

For organizations with high demands on, for example, storage space, security functions, support and the need for a larger number of participants in video meetings. The licenses are available in different versions, such as Enterprise Standard and Enterprise Plus, which offer:

  • Custom and secure email for business + eDiscovery, storage, S / MIME encryption
  • Unlimited storage space
  • Video meetings with 250 participants + recording, presence tracking, noise reduction
  • Live streaming for up to 100,000 participants
  • Advanced security and administration controls
  • Archive, DLP, data regions and advanced endpoint management
  • Premium support

From SEK 193 / user / month ex VAT