Optimized mail flow

Secure email and fraud protection for your organization

Optimized Mailflow is a service from Online Partner aimed at companies, municipalities and schools who want to be sure that emails sent from their organization’s Google domain actually reach the recipient without getting caught in a spam filter. Optimized Mail Flow also ensures that your organization’s email and domain cannot be used by fraudsters to spread spam, viruses or other malware.

Protecting your email

Email plays an important role in most organisations because it is such an effective tool for communicating with customers, suppliers, employees and other stakeholders. Problems with spam, email fraud and domain abuse are unfortunately very common. Everyone can be affected – your own organisation, customers, suppliers, employees, pupils and guardians. A fake email may appear to come from a person or company that the scammer wants to impersonate, with that sender’s exact email address. Another common problem is that e-mails sent in good faith are filtered out by the recipient’s spam filter.