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Integrated security against plagiarism directly in Google Classroom

Urkund is the leading system for detecting and preventing plagiarism in homework, digital tests and knowledge checks in primary, secondary and upper secondary schools. Plagiarism is a common problem that has escalated as it becomes easier to find and share information on the Internet.

More time for educational activities

Urkund for G Suite is an extension / plug-in in the Chrome browser that Online Partner has developed for all schools that use Google Classroom in teaching. The extension connects the tools and makes Urkund an integral part of Google Classroom.

With a few simple clicks, all homework and other school assignments submitted to the Google Classroom can be quickly sent for plagiarism control at Urkund. The same also applies to tests and knowledge checks that are done in the test app ChromEx. Urkund makes a comparative analysis of the students’ documents on the Internet, in publishing materials and previously submitted student materials. A report is then generated and sent to the teacher.

Urkund for G Suite saves a lot of time for the teacher and thus frees up important time for teaching and the pedagogical activities. At the same time, students gain increased knowledge and understanding of the meaning of plagiarism, the importance of quoting correctly and critically examining sources.
To use the app, an active subscription with Urkund is required.

What is needed to integrate Urkund with Google Classroom?

Online Partner ‘s app for integration between Urkund and Google Workspace for Education is called Urkund for G Suite and is used in the Chrome browser. To use the app, an active subscription with Urkund is required. The app for integration is free of charge for schools that are Google license customers at Online Partner AB . For others, the price is SEK 7,500 / school per year. It is available for download in the Chrome Web Store. Installation and activation must be done by the school’s advanced Google Workspace for Education Administrator.

Here are 4 important steps to start using Urkund for G Suite:

  • Establish an agreement with Urkund
  • Unit ID (provided by Urkund)
  • Activate the integration account with Online Partner AB (performed by Urkund support@urkund.com )
  • Contact Online Partner AB and request activation of the connection between Urkund and Google Classroom. (requires Unit ID and email address of the school’s advanced administrator)

Contact us today!

Do you want to know more about Urkund for Workspace and how to get started quickly with plagiarism control of homework assignments, digital tests and knowledge checks in your school? You can reach us at info@onlinepartner.se or tel: 08-42 00 04 00 .

Urkund for G Suite

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Urkund for G Suite

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