Class Manager – structure and order in Google Classroom

Class Manager is an app developed by Online Partner that creates structure and order in the management of Google Classroom. With automated functions, large volumes of students and classes can be rationally and efficiently administered throughout a class’ entire life cycle.

Class Manager

Lifecycle management of Google Classroom

Class Manager makes it possible to synchronize members of a Google group with lists of names in a Google Classroom. Teaching groups are automatically kept up to date and thus ensure that the right students and teachers are in your Classroom.

Functions for managing substitutes and support staff make it easy to organize the business locally without system administrators having to step in. Teachers can be added / removed from classes and support staff can bookmark their students and join / out of the classes their students are in. Class Manager also includes tools for creating a uniform naming standard for school classes.

Life cycle management also means that classes that are no longer needed can be automatically archived in bulk, ie several at a time. Class Manager handles personal data in accordance with the GDPR and ensures that classes in the Google Classroom are always up to date.