More time for pedagogy with effective tools both in the classroom and for administration

Online Partner is the obvious choice for all schools that want to develop strategies, methods and knowledge linked to school administration, educational work and cloud-based teaching tools. We are specialists in Google Workspace for Education and are knowledge leaders when it comes to helping principals, teachers and ICT educators to develop school administration and pedagogy with the support of Google’s cloud-based solutions.

Choose Google Workspace for Education and Online Partner as your licensing agent

When your school chooses Online Partner as a provider of Google Workspace for Education licenses, our personal commitment and expertise are included. Our employees have their own experience from many years of work with schools around Sweden with a focus on development and education around pedagogy and digital teaching tools.

Used properly, Google Workspace for Education offers unlimited opportunities in both teaching and administration. We are passionate about helping you with everything that is needed for Google Workspace for Education to provide full exchange for both students and educators in the daily work at the school.

We offer a holistic approach to Google Workspace for Education for schools, ranging from IT strategic issues, implementation of Google Workspace for Education in the school organization to training of teachers and administrators .

Continuous follow-up

We offer all schools the opportunity to continuously monitor how the work with Google Workspace for Education develops in the school. In this way, we can create the conditions to ensure quality and goals are achieved. With ongoing follow-up, we have the opportunity to follow up in a structured way what has been done and what needs to be done to maximize the school’s use of Google Workspace for Education.

More for the money with Online Partner

It costs nothing extra for your school to choose Google Workspace for Education with Online Partner as the licensing agent, on the contrary! You get a lot more for your money with us. We offer knowledge, commitment, honesty and a respect for your time that you have probably never encountered before. As a licensed customer with us, all teachers and administrators automatically have access to our knowledge database in Zendesk. Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions that will help you get more out of Google Workspace for Education.


Education in Google Workspace for Education

Beginners or experienced users – our courses are available for all levels of knowledge. Our educators have many years of experience from education and development work of pedagogy around digital tools in the school environment and teach you everything you need to maximize the benefits of Google Workspace for Education.


Convert old computers to Chromebooks

CloudReady is an operating system designed to revive old PC / Mac computers by converting them to Chromebooks. CloudReady is a budget-friendly solution that makes it possible to quickly provide school students with a computer with the benefits that a Chromebook offers.


An application for digital exams in Google schools

ChromEx is an application that helps you create, administer and evaluate digital samples. From infrastructure and administration to design and ease of use, the entire ChromEx is built for Google for Education. If you use Google at your school, ChromEx is the absolute best choice for digital tests.