Chrome Education Upgrade – More efficient administration and maximum user experience

Chrome Education Upgrade licenses are the school’s tool to ensure that Chromebooks are used as intended and tailor the user experience to each student, class, or group. When each Chromebook has its own license, it is possible to manage and configure the computers in a cost-effective and secure way, which helps free up time for both teachers and IT administrators.

Manage all computers via web-based administration tool

It does not matter if there are 10 or 10,000 Chromebooks. The web-based administration tool makes it easy for IT administrators, teachers and ICT managers to maximize the user experience without having to go into each individual computer.

Group Chromebooks

Manage policies, apps and settings for different groups of users, for example by dividing students by year or subject and distinguishing between students and staff.

Pre-install and block apps

Some apps require licenses to be on every Chromebook, such as ChromEx for digital tests. The licenses allow you to blacklist, approve and pre-install apps, extensions and URLs.

Manage user access

Decide what resources users should have access to. Enables students to share a Chromebook. Restrict access to certain websites and content.

Advanced security features

Block computers that have been stolen or lost. Block outsiders from logging in to school Chromebooks. Pick out serial numbers and MAC addresses. Lock and lock functions. Inventory management – which units are used, which are serviced.

Lösningen på skolornas utmaning

Utmaningen för skolornas IT-administratörer är att hitta rätt lösning för den digitala undervisningen som även tar hänsyn till krav på hög säkerhet, skalbarhet och kostnadseffektivitet. Chrome Education Upgrade gör det möjligt att ha full kontroll över skolans totala innehav av Chrome-enheter och säkerställa att de alltid är är uppdaterade med de bästa funktionerna och apparna. Detta innebär att lärarna kan fokusera på pedagogik och utbildning med sina elever utan att kompromissa på säkerhet och integritet.

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