Chromebook for school – effective and engaging teaching tool

Chromebooks are the optimal computers for all schools that use Google’s cloud-based services Google Workspace for Education and Google Classroom in teaching.

Chromebooks increase the availability of students and teachers who always access their work from any device, wherever they are, both online and offline. They start in a few seconds, are easy to use and update automatically without disturbing the user. Chromebooks are fast, secure, durable and available in different designs and price ranges to suit different budgets. For demanding work environments such as schools, there are Chromebooks that can withstand shocks, blows and even spilled soda across the keyboard.

Chromebooks help increase learning and encourage students to discover and create on their own or with classmates and teachers. With Google’s apps, extensions, and tools, the Chromebook experience can be enhanced by adding various accessibility features to suit all students’ needs.

Via the cloud-based administrator console, the school administrator has full control over each device and can enable and disable apps and software on all devices in the network.