Discover the benefits of combining Microsoft 365 and Google Chromebook

Many schools have already made the move from traditional laptops to an environment with Chromebooks and Google Workspace for Education. What many people may not know is that it is perfectly possible to combine M365 / Teams with Chromebooks and get the best out of two solutions.

Choose the best of M365 / Teams, Chromebooks and Workspace

You do not have to make a total move from Microsoft 365 to be able to take advantage of all the possibilities that Chromebooks and Workspace for Education offer. It works really well to continue using your favorite apps in M365 on Chromebooks. You also get access to all the apps in Workspace and other Chrome OS apps, such as Trelson Assessment. Choose which login method you want to use; Microsoft or Google. Chromebooks also handle syncing with Microsoft Active Directory.

These are just a few examples of why the combination of Microsoft 365 and Chromebooks can be an attractive choice for you. Want to know more? Contact us at Online Partner.

Chromebooks –

Computers developed for schools

Lightweight, durable and uncomplicated computers at a very budget-friendly price. Developed for collaboration between students and teachers in schools and other educational environments that have high demands on user-friendliness, accessibility, security and integrity. In addition, easy to customize and configure via a web-based administration tool

More information about Chromebooks can be found here

Benefits of Chromebooks

  • Easy to use
  • Starts in 10 seconds
  • Battery charging is enough all day
  • Automatic update
  • Built-in security
  • No virus
  • Low purchase price
  • Robust with long life
  • 61% lower total cost (TCO)
  • Works great with M365 / Teams

Maximized user experience and security

  • Full control of all Chromebooks
  • Efficient, fast configuration of many devices
  • Tailor computers to individual needs
  • Advanced security features
  • Lock function for tests
  • Protection against theft and loss

Chromebooks + M365 / Teams

  • Low purchase price
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Choose a login method that suits you best; Microsoft or Google
  • Manages sync with Microsoft Active Directory
  • Enables the use of apps from M365 and Google, such as ChromEx
  • A simple first step in a future strategic move to Google

Efficient administration

It does not matter if there are 10 or 10,000 Chromebooks. With a web-based administration tool, IT administrators, teachers and ICT managers can distribute apps, rules and policies without having to go into each individual computer. The user experience is easily tailored to each student, class or group. The administrator has full control over the possession of computers, how they are used and if they are lost or stolen, they can be quickly blocked.

More information about Chromebook’s administration tools can be found here.

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