Google Workspace for Education

More than 170 million students and teachers worldwide use Google’s toolkit. Google Workspace for Education includes Classroom, Meet, Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Documents, Spreadsheets, and Presentations. Everything you need for teaching, learning, collaboration and communication is gathered in one place, available wherever you are, in any unit.

Choose from four different editions of Google Workspace for Education

Education Fundamentals

A free set of user-friendly tools that provide a flexible and secure foundation for teaching, collaboration and classroom management.


Based on Education Fundamentals and also provides improved security through the Security Center, better overview with tools such as advanced review logs and more controls for advanced mobile management that makes distance learning even more secure.

Teaching and Learning Upgrade

Based on Education Fundamentals and Education Standard. Provides improved learning tools through, among other things, advanced video features for communication in Google Meet, features to give students a better experience in the Classroom as well as tools that provide support for critical thinking and academic integrity with the help of origin controls.


Contains all enhanced security features and tools from Education Standard and Teaching and Learning Upgrade. However, Education Plus is a price-optimized package solution that includes more advanced tools for teaching, learning and collaboration, as well as functions for security and analysis. For schools with high demands on safety and teaching tools.

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Google is constantly developing the features of all versions of Google Workspace for Education. In the last year alone, a dozen free features have been added, such as a show of hands in Google Meet, headings / headings in the Classroom and grammar suggestions in Google Docs. In the premium versions, more than 25 new functions have been added in 2021 to make advanced security controls and collaboration tools even better.