Support agreement for school

Support agreement for all needs

We are experts in Google Workspace for Education and our support helps our customers daily to get the best out of the tools. Through our support and its channels, we are always offered a personal contact as well as unique knowledge and experience about how you can best use Google Workspace for Education. Our goal is to help you maximize the use of the features in your Google domain and we will let you in until you are satisfied.

Support – Google Workspace for Education

This service is aimed at a limited number of people in municipalities and schools. These are mainly IT leaders, school leaders, ICT educators and people who have administrative rights to the Google domain and Chromebooks. Our support includes settings of user accounts in OU, groups or Chromebooks and other Chrome devices, mobile devices. we offer full support and we answer all your questions about Google Workspace for Education. We provide personal support during regular office hours 09:00 – 17:00. All matters are handled via our customer management system Zendesk by phone, chat or email. If necessary, we also make remote configurations in eg the domain and Chrome devices. Within two office hours, we confirm that the support case has been received by us and within eight office hours, troubleshooting begins.

Support Google Workspace for Education, Mon-Fri 9-17

Support – Chrome Education upgrade licenses

Support is included free of charge for Chrome Education upgrade licenses purchased directly from Online Partner AB. Licenses are used to configure settings and apply policies to a specific Chrome device. It gives you access to device settings that allow you to control user access, customize features, configure network access and more.

We help with troubleshooting and provide information on how to solve the problem yourself. We provide support and explain how licenses can and should be used to optimize the use of Chrome devices on your domain.

The support case is registered in our customer management system, Zendesk, and we use telephone, chat, e-mail and in some cases Meet in contact with authorized staff for support. Within our opening hours, we confirm that the support case has been received by us and within 8 working hours we begin troubleshooting.

  • Support for creating policies that only apply to managed Chromebooks and support for changing them.
  • Manage new and old licenses, review, order new ones. Reuse of Chromebook licenses after repair, etc.
  • Support for Google Workspace for Education as above.
  • Support on JamBoard licenses in the same way as above.