Google Workspace trainings for teachers and school staff

Google Workspace for Education is a large and growing platform with cloud-based productivity tools. Development is happening all the time and new functions are being added at a rapid pace. Online Partners’ trainings quickly provide teachers and school staff with knowledge of Google Workspace for Education’s various tools and how to use them to maximize educational work and collegial collaboration.

Education as part of organizational development

We believe that school development takes place all the time, regardless of the intentions of the principal or principal. In an organization without clear goals, clearly defined starting point and guidelines, school development takes place locally: in schools, in work teams and with individual teachers, and the result is a diversity of variants. Some of them are good, well-established in research and established practice. In the best case, good varieties get spread. In the worst case, they only exist with a teacher, in a classroom and the knowledge disappears when the teacher changes employer or retires.