Google Workspace for Education Online Administrator Training

Google Workspace for Education is a large and growing software platform. Properly used, it gives unimaginable opportunities to develop school activities and educational work at a lower cost. Our training is an important part of achieving maximum benefit from Google Workspace for Education and is available to all staff who will use it in school.

Simple and intuitive administrator interface

The administrator training is for you who are responsible for administering the school’s Google domain. No deep prior knowledge of IT is required as administration is simple and intuitive. You will learn how to add, configure and delete users and manage passwords. Most users may only need access to emails, contacts, calendars and documents, while others have the right to, for example, publish blog posts or update the website. You will also get an introduction to the Google Workspace Marketplace and learn how to manage third-party apps and how to give the right users access to the right part of Google Workspace for Education. We also go through how to configure computers and tailor the user experience for individual users and workgroups.

Realistic educational environment

We carry out our training on site in your premises. It is also possible to use our own training facilities with us. All training takes place online in Google Workspace for Education and course participants use their own computers. Participants work logged in to their Google accounts to create a realistic learning environment. The course material is posted as a Google document and is therefore available to participants via their Google accounts even after completing the training. The training takes 4 hours.

You will learn that:

  • Distribute apps and settings
  • Specify a homepage for all users or groups
  • Block websites, eg Facebook
  • Inventory management; which devices are used, which are in service
  • Block computers that have been stolen or lost
  • Pick out serial numbers and MAC addresses
  • Share Wifi settings and passwords
  • Lock and lock functions

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